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The metaverse is a combination of new and fascinating technologies merged to form a virtual world. High-tech devices allow us to connect with others in new and exciting ways and experience the metaverse virtually anywhere. Ideas and content are continually streaming into the metaverse for us to consume which ultimately makes our lives better but the growth of the metaverse has given rise to a shady underbelly.  

You see, some NFT collections contain crooked characters who are determined to corrupt our wonderful metaverse. There are stories of crazed apes organizing and plotting to corrupt and glitch any data they can. The metaverse is very young and still developing, these attacks won’t be allowed.

Welcome to S.A.S.

10,000 provably rare NFTs hosted on IPFS.

All S.A.S. owners have full intellectual property rights.

All agents will become active upon minting and must report to Agent Handler.

Each squid NFT  serves as your  agent credentials to enter restricted S.A.S. Headquarters  both in the metaverse and online, where you can complete missions for exciting real world and digital rewards. 


Special Agent Squids are a collection of 10,000 unique generative art squid NFTs. Each squid is minted as an ERC-721 token on the Ethereum blockchain.  Each squid is generated from 178 traits and 77 rare traits which may only appear once in the entire collection.  
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Origin Story: Edition  0
The special Agent Squids origin story is complete. Be a part of this graphic novel and help us write the next edition. Maybe some day we’ll see S.A.S. on the big screen. 

Long-term Utility: Graphic Novel and Community DAO
We believe in the Squids. Not just in the project itself, but the story. We need something different in the NFT space. No more Apes, or derivatives, or just PFPs.

We need a good ole fashioned Good versus Evil story. Something that takes our Web3 and NFT ideologies and merges them with the super hero stories we love. We decided to write the origin story for Special Agent Squids so you know THEIR story; How they came about, what has happened to their World, what evil may exist…

The origin story will drop 7 days before mint day on our website so you can be inspired by the Squids…But we want YOU to write the rest of the story.

As a holder, you will have voting rights for multiple story decision points including plot direction, character selection, timeline, etc. Once our voting period has ended, we will work on that edition with the same graphic novelist as our origin story. You will help bring this story to life!

We will drop each edition to holders digitally and in our online and metaverse HQ. Our goal for the community will be a new edition each couple/few months coming in surprise drops.

What about the community wallet? Well, that is for the community to decide! We will post options for voting that will include crypto giveaways, investments for the community, charity options, etc. Maybe the community wants to develop the Special Agent Squid story into real life action figures, an animated movie, etc. We will have fun with our community growing this brand and story.

Roadmap 1.1


Special Agent Squids are committed to improving and sustaining the ocean environment. Because of this, S.A.S. has teamed up with East Carolina University’s Coastal Studies Institute to help lead the world’s effort in oceanic research. Two large charitable donations will be made as we progress through our roadmap goals to help fund this educational initiative to mold the next generation of ocean scientists.

Special Agent Squids proudly brought to you by Midlands Blockchain Technologies LLC.
We are a group of Healthcare professionals working every day in the hospital taking care of patients. We all have various leadership and business experiences that drove us to starting Midlands Blockchain Technologies. Our goal was to start with validator nodes on several blockchains, running our own stake pools, and mining for certain cryptocurrencies. We hoped to raise enough revenue to start our work towards making dApps for Healthcare on the blockchain, specifically tackling some of the world’s most prevalent problems when it comes to medical record access. NFTs are the future for digital ownership and access and Special Agent Squids was something we thought would be fun and support our future endeavors as a Healthcare blockchain company. We have a lot of cool things planned with this NFT project and it’s sequel. We are real people with real aspirations and are fully doxxed. We’re driven to help others in everything we do and would be grateful for your support!Nick (Doc) Ryan (Nurse) Wes (MRI Tech) Mark (Hospital IT) Bryan (Healthcare IT Analyst)

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  • Why should I own a Special Agent Squid NFT?
    Special Agent Squid NFT owners are a part of a consensus driven community which strives to make friends, have fun, and make charitable contributions to save our oceans. We’re also releasing a community written graphic novel developed completely by S.A.S. NFT owners.
  • What is the supply and mint date?
    The supply is 10,000 and the mint date is April 29, 2022.
  • How much will it cost to mint?
    Whitelist 0.04 ETH Public 0.08 ETH.
  • What is the goal of this project?
    Build a community of NFT owners that strive to serve the greater good. We want the community to help direct future of S.A.S. and our future villain project which is based in the metaverse. By gamifying our NFTs, community members can help with targeted missions which have healthcare and philanthropic goals.

Special Agent Squids is a registered trademark of  Midlands Blockchain Technologies  © 2021  Created by Pendragon