Special Agent Squids

Welcome to the S.A.S. Headquarters

Congratulations, you made to the headquarters agent. There’s not a lot of time but I can give you a quick tour, then you’re on your own. Follow me and please keep up. I talk fast but you can come back any time if you forget your way around.

Our first stop is with Rita. She manages the command floor internal operations and day-to-day business. If you’re not supposed to be here she will be the first one to notice and she’ll call you out too. Don’t worry agent she already has your case file and knows all about you. The water cooler is in Rita’s office too. Agents are always lingering there to chat up Rita.

To the left you’ll find the BMF S.A.S area. It’s highly secured and only available to the most bad ass agents around. Good luck getting in there, the requirements to get in are kept under wraps. If you’re skilled enough to meet those requirements Rita will let you know. Until then just steer clear of that area.

Just up the steps you’ll see the main room of the command floor. This room is the heart of our operation and where all the intel gathered by agents gets processed. You may be called to meetings here from time to time, usually intelligence sharing sessions where agents get up to speed on new operations.

Next stop, Evidence. Up the steps to the right is the evidence office. Any information gathered in the field needs to be brought here. This is where we catalog agent activity and compile all of their gathered data to determine if it contains actual evidence. If you provide useful evidence for S.A.S. you will be rewarded.

Our last stop is up the steps to the left, gadgets. Here you can find all the tools agents need to complete missions. Need I say more?

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